Interview with Australian freedom fighter Monica Smit – Doc-TV International, February 7th, 2022


Three months ago, an Australian freedom fighter sent an official SOS, pleading the world to stand with the people of Australia to reignite democracy.

The New World Order is pushing an agenda forcing the nations’ citizens to accept vaccine mandates or face the dire consequences. For over a year Australia’s citizens have been facing the brunt of the Mass Formation Psychosis.

New laws have been enforced allowing the government to circumvent constitutional, self evident, rights arresting citizens who oppose the forced agenda; huge sums of money have been put aside to rehabilitate «conspiracy theorists,» and large quarantine camps are being built across the nation.

While the Australian people have been experiencing the longest lockdown in the world, they also appear to be the inception of an emerging global tendency. Resilience. They are not giving up without a fight.

Monica Smit is the founder of Reignite Democracy Australia. In this interview journalist Rebecca Mistereggen discusses the state of Smit’s country as well as the path forward through these trying times.