The Key to Longevity- Interview with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

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In this interview, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, an osteopathic physician, reviews what I believe is one of the best health optimizing strategies there is, namely strength training. She’s a graduate of Midwestern University and has spent a good part of her professional career focusing on how to increase strength and muscle mass, which is an often-overlooked foundation for health and longevity. Muscle-centric medicine is part of the solution for many chronic health problems, as most are rooted in skeletal muscle insulin resistance. Resistance training is superior to cardio exercise because muscle mass optimizes you for longevity. The greater your muscle mass, the higher your survivability against all diseases. You need protein reserves to survive serious disease, and most of your protein reserve is stored in muscle. If you have very little muscle, you’re going to pass away prematurely because you have no amino acid reserves. Your muscle also interfaces with your immune system. It’s never too late to start building muscle, even if you’re in your 70s or even 80s, using diet and exercise. High-quality animal protein is essential for muscle growth. Most people need 1 gram of protein per pound of ideal body weight (the weight you would ideally be). Divide that by the number of meals you eat to get your per-meal quota which, for older adults should be around 30 to 50 grams per meal. Subscribe for the latest health news: Visit our website: Listen to our podcasts: Find us on Social Media
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