What are the pros and cons on the Russian attack on Ukraine?
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I got this question on the Quora side and replied as follows:
What is your opinion?


Yes for sure, we must admit there are very serious both pros and cons:

  1. One should never fight or start a war, trying to solve a problem! The negative material and human consequences are always enormous, and the brutality can never help to solve real problems!
    As we clearly see, also in this case, the population opinion rightly turns against the aggressor, the opposite of his aims! Surely, also Putin has now experienced this!
    The worst may still be the reactions to such inhumanity. Technically, this war could have ended after just 3 days when Putin proposed to stop his brutalities, provided individual democracy could have been allowed to the Donbas region. It was of course Putin’s initiating that triggered all the horrible vestern support of Selensky’s violent reactions and our fatal delivery of western weaponry.
  2. But you must admit, Putin’s original goals were in reality positive!: He wanted freedom for the people of Donetsk and Luhansk to administer themselves, and Ukraine to stay free from any NATO involvement. That was also Poroshenko’s initial goal, but much to regret, rejected, mainly by the USA. For 8 years now the civil war hence has hampered Ukraine and killed 14000 inhabitants, while Putin has tried to get us to our senses.
    Much to regret, finally he gave up and started the terrible war.

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