Hva er egentlig målene i Ukraina for Putin og for Vesten ?

Jeg svarte som følger:

Sorry, the Russian aim seems far from clear to you! Putin made his aims clear to all of us when he, after 3 days of war, offered to stop his terrible fighting, provided his aims were fulfilled:
  1. Free referendum in the Donbas region
  2. Keep NATO out of Ukraine.

What are Putin’s aims today? Nobody knows! Nobody has even bothered to ask him! Putin started a ridiculous war to reach reasonable goals. Probably he expected acceptance, and we could all, including the Donbas population, live in peace and friendship today. But no!!! The west, in its greed, wanted to keep it all, probably against the wishes of the majority in Donbas!!
The West wants to keep it all – in spite of the local public opinion there and terrible damages on both sides: growth of hatred, mutual armament, poverty, environment destruction, climate worsening, and possibly the end of  life for us all.

I hope the aim for us all is to make the world  a pleasant place to live, without hatred, poverty, weapon-threats, environment-  and climatic destruction and human disasters.
With our present reactions and our weapon supply, we achieve just the oposite. What will you do to this?

Nå lurer jeg på hva du tenker og vil svare på spørsmålet, så håper jeg å kunne gjengi det her!

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