Oops! CDC Removes 24% of COVID Pediatric Deaths

Bill Still

https://thestillreport.com/links/ Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup. In a monumental oops moment, the CDC has quietly removed 24% of the previously listed pediatric deaths. Previously, the CDC website had listed 1,755 children – those under 18 – had died of COVID-19. Last November, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky used this figure to inexplicably push hard on a panel of experts to recommend vaxxes for all children ages 5 to 11 years old. Insert CDC Chart Now, the CDC website lists only 1,339 deaths among children – an unheard of 24% decline. The only explanation for the change in this key metric is in tiny print at the bottom of the page, “coding error”. Now if they were really interested in coming clean with the American people, they would have inserted one additional word – “deliberate coding error.” Also, the CDC reduced the number of total COVID related deaths in the U.S. from 851,000 down to 780,000 deaths. Our prediction – this will become a widely studied research topic for many years to come as the truth slowly comes out, and this number will see additional sharp declines. I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom, good day. Les artikkelen direkte fra kilden