Mercola: Important Legal Wins by the Informed Consent Action Network – Interview with Del Bigtree

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Mercola video: Del Bigtree, founder of “The Highwire” and the Informed Consent Action Network (, shares some of the recent lawsuits ICAN has won against the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2023, ICAN won back the religious exemption from vaccinations in Mississippi that had been gone since 1979. It was the first state in the union to lose the ability to opt out. In 2023, Mississippians regained that choice. COVID forced courts to take a stand on religious rights. Churches were shut down during the pandemic while big box stores, liquor stores and even strip clubs were allowed to remain open. Court cases ensued, in which the courts concluded that wherever there is a secular right, there must also be a religious right. ICAN mirrored that argument in its Mississippi case and pointed to the medical exemption. If people have the right to opt out of a vaccine program for medical reasons (which is a secular reason), then people must also have the right to opt out for religious reasons. In a project called “Free the Five,” ICAN is now working to regain the religious exemption to vaccination in Connecticut, New York, California, West Virginia and Maine as well. ICAN has also won cases against the U.S. Air Force and Army on behalf of soldiers who were being kicked out for refusing the COVID shot. They also won a big case against airlines that were mandating mask wearing. Several precedences have now been set, which will make it all the more difficult for government to replicate what they did during the COVID pandemic. ICAN also sued the FDA to release the data from the trials of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID shots, as well as the CDC, which was refusing to release its V-Safe data. All of that is now coming out, showing just how dangerous the COVID shots are. Subscribe for FREE to the latest health news: Website: Podcast: Facebook:

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