Mercola: How a Fasting-Mimicking Diet Can Help You Live Longer- Interview with Valter Longo, Ph.D.

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Mercola video: 2017 Interview Your diet can have an enormous influence on how long you live and your likelihood of contracting disease. In this interview, Valter Longo Ph.D., professor of gerontology and biological sciences at the University of Southern California and director of The Longevity Institute, discusses the health benefits of a fasting-mimicking diet. The fasting-mimicking diet is thus named because it produces the same beneficial effects on your bodily systems as water-only fasting does, but without the potentially detrimental side effects
Intermittent calorie restriction also improves stem cell production, which is important for good health
Restricting protein to just what your body needs, and no more, is an important consideration that promotes longevity and protects against chronic disease Subscribe for FREE to the latest health news: Website: Podcast: Facebook:

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