Fifty Senators Get Sat Phones Just In Case, 4108

Bill Still
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Stillreport: Good Thursday evening, I’m still reporting on the ongoing coup. According to RSBN, at least 50 United States Senators have been given secure satellite phones that would allow Senators to communicate in the event of a disaster, or war. Alarm bells are going off around Washington as the nation braces for war with China in the event they go ahead with plans to invade Taiwan before recently announced Articles of Impeachment take hold with an actual impeachment trial. Yes, Biden’s days could be numbered, as the volcano of political revelations against the chief resident continues to flow forth from whistleblowers of all stripes. Some believe a major cyber attack is imminent from a combination of China and Russia, however, this report is still unconvinced that Russia will ultimately side with their vastly more populated neighbor to the south, instead of their historic ally, the United States. Why? Because Putin probably realizes that if the United States falls, Russia will surely be next up on China’s dinnerplate. According to The Western Journal, historically a very reliable, old-line source, the Sat phones were distributed to any Senator whom asked for one, and were dispensed by the Senate Sergeant at Arms, Lt. General Karen Gibson. A tweet from Disclose.TV stated that CBS is the mainline source of the news that 50 Senators opted for the state of the art Sat phones.
[insert Tweet] According to CBS News, all 100 Senators were offered the phones, and more than 50 took Gen. Gibson up on the offer. Gibson is a 3-star General in the Army, and a graduate of Purdue’s Army ROTC program. She has served in the Army for 33 years. She has served as the Director of Intelligence for the United States Central Command as well as commanding general for the U.S. Army Cyber Command. We pray that she is more patriotic than her superior, General Mark Millie, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the nation’s top military commander. According to CBS reported Gibson said the phones have been offered:
“… to ensure a redundant and secure means of communications during a disruptive event.” Senators who accepted the high-tech sat phones were advised to keep them with them at all times during travel. I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of freedom – and no, I don’t mean Washington, D.C.– good day.

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