Federal Appeals Court Smacks Down Jan. 6 Dems

Bill Still
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Stillreport: Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup. A federal appeals court has reversed a lower court ruling which ordered the Republican National Committee to comply with a subpoena from the House’s faux Jan. 6 committee. The ruling was especially surprising because it came before the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the last stop before the U.S. Supreme Court for most federal cases. The House Jan. 6 committee had ordered the RNC to supply all records regarding its dealings with a digital fund-raising vendor. However, the appeal judges wrote: “The RNC claimed that disclosure of these documents would reveal sensitive information about its digital strategy, so it sued to prevent the disclosure. “The RNC argued that the {Jan. 6} Committee was not lawfully constituted and that the subpoena violated the First Amendment.” The 3-judge panel seemed intrigued to take up this case, acknowledging that the RNC’s argument presented, “important and unsettled constitutional questions” about whether the Jan. 6 committee is lawfully constituted. Obviously, the Jan. 6 committee is not lawfully constituted due to – for the first time in the history of Congress – the lack of any legitimate members of the opposition party who could honestly represent Republican sentiment. The decision came after a flurry of requests from the Jan 6 Committee urging the court to move more swiftly, but just before their decision was issued, the Jan. 6 Committee withdrew their subpoena, thereby causing the court to include in their decision a stern rebuke to the Desperados: “[… the [Jan. 6] Committee … deprived us of the ability to review the district court’s decision, and given the important and unsettled constitutional questions that the appeal would have presented, we vacate the district court’s judgment.” Translation: The Jan. 6th Committee is probably NOT a legally constituted committee of the United States Congress. That would have been devastating blow to the entire Minions of Satan crowd, giving them not a single remaining thread of hope of portraying the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as a deliberate plan by President Trump to take down the government. Such a decision would have opened the door wide for exhaustive investigations into allegations that the rioting aspect of the Jan. 6 demonstration was caused by hired agent provocateurs of the Democrat party in a naked attempt to charge President Trump with sedition or treason. I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of freedom. Good day.

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