Dr. Mercola- Call for COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Testimonials

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I want to share a very personal story and confession with you. When I was in medical school in the late ‘70s, I was on the front cover for the national medical student handbook. I’m sharing this photo with you that shows me administering a vaccine. At that time and for the next 15 years, I rigidly followed all vaccine guidelines. • For 15 years, I rigidly followed all vaccine guidelines, until one of my patients patiently shared a personal testimony about her vaccine-injured son, Jack 
• She opened my eyes to a reality that I was previously unaware of: that informed consent was practically nonexistent and there were serious medical risks of vaccines being covered up by pharmaceutical companies and the federal government
• Serious adverse reactions to COVID-19 shots are occurring, but victims are being silenced and discredited
• Vaccine mandates have led to injuries, devastation and deaths — while the brainwashing “get your vaccine now” campaign is being used to divide and conquer
• If you want your voice to be heard, I will help you share your testimony; please share your story with us, and encourage others you know who have a story to share theirs Les artikkelen direkte fra kilden