Why Twitter Board Is Desperate To Reject Elon Musk, 3842

Bill Still

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup. An indispensable part of this worldwide coup against freedom is the censorship ability – though totally unconstitutional – over free speech. If information cannot be passed freely among those who love freedom – who would put their life on the line to protect our precious freedoms – then only authoritarian dictatorships will take over running the last bastion of freedom, the United States. How can this continue? Moreover, why is it continuing? If anyone could get to the bottom of this mystery of America’s missing freedom, it is Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai – better known as simply, Dr. Shiva. Dr. Shiva is an impressive force for good. He holds four degrees from MIT and was the first one to provide substantial evidence of voter fraud inherent in the design of internet-connected voting machines. Now, let’s bring in Elon Musk and Twitter’s nonsensical rejection of his radically generous buyout bid for the failing social media giant. The Twitter board, which former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey recently described as the problem with the company, rejected Musk’s offer by inserting the “poison pill” defense. In order to block Musk the Twitter board vowed to sell shares to any current shareholder at a discounted price. This was obviously non-sensical, even for the Twitter board. Instead of Twitters stock price rocketing upwards with a Musk takeover, the “poison pill” would crash the price. In other words, it was committing corporate suicide. Why would they do that? Is it just their dogmatic clinging to the woke, authoritarian leftist agenda, or is there some even larger hand guiding this nonsense? Back to Dr. Shiva. He ran as an independent against Sen. Elizabeth Warren and a mainline Republican in the 2018 general election for a seat in the United States Senate and ran third. In his post-election analysis, he immediately noticed that he had won in counties that hand counted the ballots, but lost in a landslide in counties that used internet-connected voting machines. He filed a complaint with the Secretary of State to get a copy of the ballot images. However, the Sec. of State admitted that they were already deleted – which is totally illegal. Shiva told his story to his 250,000 Twitter followers, but he was banned off Twitter instantly. Shiva sued the state for $1.2 billion. At trial, various state actors admitted under oath that they have a “Trusted Twitter Partnership, which they described in detail. All they had to do was to log into their “private portal” and tell them Dr. Shiva was spreading “election misinformation”, and that’s all it took. Shiva was immediately banned. So think of it, this is a state government reaching through Twitter to do their censorship for them. A state government was laundering censorship through Twitter via a special censorship hotline. And it wasn’t just Twitter behind this. According to yesterday’s Gateway Pundit, there is a huge group behind this sophisticated election censorship group, including, something called the Democracy Fund, Mark Zuckerberg, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Brennan Center, and many others, including Dominion Voting Systems, the manufacturer of electronic voting machines used in 28 states. Of course, many of the activities of these groups is legitimate – securing the U.S. vote from foreign interference. According to Dr. Shiva: “I found a document written by the head of Twitter legal counsel in England talking about how they had set up the Partner Support Portal, PSP to enable the government, the parliamentary security forces of Britain, to report on what they called ‘potential threats’ through Twitter.” “That same infrastructure was deployed in India in the recent election and then also deployed in Taiwan, Australia, and was brought here in 2020 to the United States.” Dr. Shiva also dug up playbooks used to train staff on controlling speech around elections. According to the Gateway Pundit: “This is the actual training manual used for assessing the “risk level” of certain influencers…. The manual instructs that the influencers be tracked, monitored, and silenced if they pose a significant threat.” “What happens if a guy like Elon … takes over this corrupt company? …. He seizes along with it, all of the data, the algorithms, the history…. Twitter has sworn under oath before [the] U.S. Congress that they do not engage in any of these practices and that their algorithms do not contain any inherent bias!”
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