War With China Comin’ ‘Round the Corner, 3855

Bill Still

Stillreport: Good morning, I’m still reporting on the world at war. So the reason for the coup d’etát in the United States is now starting to become clear. Without the strength of Donald Trump in the White House, we are now moving into the world-at-war phase of this tribulation period of human history. So if you thought the devastation in Ukraine was the closest thing the world has seen to World War 2 which leveled Germany, you probably ain’t seen nothing yet. China has been perfectly happy quietly encouraging Russia to destroy the breadbasket of Europe. while Biden – the Chinese figurehead in Washington – busies himself with bankrupting the middle class of the United States by throwing money at the military/industrial complex to give Ukraine at least the appearance of a fighting chance. So that is the sad summary of activities of the minions of Satan for the first few months of Biden’s second year of illicit residency in the House of White. During his first year, it was big Pharma’s time to cash in on the millions of dollars they have spent over the years bribing – uhhh, lobbying — the American Congress. Now we come to Year 2, Round 2 of China Joe’s activities – pretend to oppose China’s world conquest exploits after giving them everything they could ever hope for from a real American president. The leading authority on China’s upcoming world-at-war campaign is Gordon Chang. He appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show last night on Fox. The segment opens up with China Joe’s so-called National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, clearly the weakest National Security Advisor in recent memory. [insert] Nope. The message that has already been heard in China is that they have China Joe right where they want him, running cover for their coming attack on Taiwan – then, perhaps other budding democracies in the region. Gordon Chang presents the hard proof of what’s about to happen – the second front in world-at-war now opens. [insert Gordon to “… Chinese equities?”] Yup, you heard it first from Gordon Chang. I have never heard this before. How has this slipped under the news radar of this report? Whoever has a pension fund in this country needs to immediately contact fund managers and put them on the record whether they have or will soon invest American pension funds into the Chinese stock exchange – something that is sure to plummet the second China begins military operations against Taiwan. [insert] Hah! Laura, the master of understatement! This is all a pre-planned scenario, starting off with Russia vs Ukraine, and moving into China seizes all of Asia thru war and then hegemony threatening further war and destruction. Trump, oh Trump, where art thou Trump? I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.

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