Twelve U.S. Food Plants Destroyed In One Month!!, 3838

Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup – could it be turning into a war? Last night Tucker Carlson aired a report saying that China Joe’s ominous prediction of food shortages in the United States may actually come true because over a dozen food processing plants and major food warehouses across the nation have been hit by a suspicious rash of destructive explosions and fires – even plane crashes – in the last month. Insert The problem here is that food shortages are plaguing China as well and that is being used to lockdown Shanghai, the world’s largest city. China seems to not care if the result is the depopulation of the entire city because they just have too many mouths to feed. The odd part of that story is that we heard only scant rumors of possible upcoming food shortages in China until suddenly, it was such a massive crisis that the world’s largest city was starving to death. Something is not right here. But the problem – for the bad guys – is that since the U.S. is an incredibly open society – as it should be as an advanced civilized society – but with that openness, comes myriad targets of opportunity for nations determined to undermine the underpinnings of the United States through covert means. But an integral part of our openness is that our economy, especially in food production, is extremely deconsolidated. Joe Biden and his buddies in China may think that they can pull off a couple of active measures covert operations to take this nation down another notch or two on the civilization scale, but once Americans get wind of this – that this may be the doings of a foreign and hostile intelligence agency … well, let’s put it like this, threats to U.S. sovereignty are taken very seriously by a very large swath of the general population, and that information spreads very rapidly, especially in the more traditional, conservative farming areas of this mighty nation. Once this sinks into the mainstream of America, a lot of people will assume the role of watchmen on the wall and our enemies can’t possibly account for the impact of that seemingly subtle change – just like they underestimated the impact of the Monster Vote in both the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections. Let’s hope that proper investigations are conducted and the truth of whether or not there is a connection between these troubling events revealed. But oh, one problem. That would involve federal agencies like the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and in the case of airplane crashes the National Transportation Safety Board, the NTSB. And today’s political reality is that one must consider that all of these agencies are firmly under whose control? This is a very sad chapter in American history. I’m still reporting from the citadel of world freedom. Good day. Les artikkelen direkte fra kilden