Tucker – the Truth About the Climate Change Hoax?, 4039

Bill Still

Stillreport: Good evening, I’m Still reporting on the coup. Every so often someone will say something in the “Comments” section about this report running too many Fox News reports. It always makes me wonder; then why are you following my work? Now we know that thousands of folks were paid to follow folks like me and do whatever they could do to scare us off or at least discourage us. So let me explain what I do here. I don’t run stuff that I would consider clickbait material. I only run things that #1. Interest me, and #2. Will drive forward the opposition to overly-centralized governments, also known as authoritarian or communist dictatorships – in any case, non-freedom loving ways of governing a population. Being a Christian, I don’t want my wife or my children to have to make a choice of taking the mark of the Beast in order to buy or sell; or, dying some horrible death. Now, under the first category – what interests me – is a wide range of more technical subjects, but especially lately, I don’t get to those topics much because of the overwhelming need to oppose the ongoing coup by a ruthless crop led by those who installed Joe Biden as resident in chief. Last night, Tucker did a story which I have thought about doing for many years, but not having his resources couldn’t afford many days, if not weeks, to do the research to produce such a report. It is one of those mega subjects that are moving slowly in the background so that most people can’t devote any time to worrying about, but the impact of such a story is huge over time. Tucker did such a great job on this mega slow, but mega important story that I just can’t bear not to set it in stone on my channel. So is his take from yesterday on the ever-changing Climate Change hoax.

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