Top Doc – U.S. COVID Response One Of The Greatest Frauds, 3850

Bill Still

Stillreport: Dr. Michael B. Goodkin, MD, FACC, just published a blistering indictment of the U.S. government response to COVID in TrailSite News. This is the best and most succinct summary of this God-awful, convoluted miasma of lies, deception and autocratic censorship in the history of medicine – and it still has not come to an end. The following is Dr. Goodkin’s analysis of the last 2+ years of COVID. “Relatively few Americans received any therapy for early COVID. NIH studied multiple drug company therapeutic products but sabotaged, ignored or delayed the use of all repurposed (existing) drugs for early COVID. “It was done because successful repurposed drugs would have caused vaccine hesitancy and negated any rationale for emergency use authorizations for vaccines with inadequate safety and efficacy data. NIH has a conflict of interest by owning part of the Moderna patent. The government continues to prevent the use of repurposed drugs so that drug companies can make obscene profits on their new therapeutic products. The mRNA vaccines have caused great harm which the government, Pfizer and Moderna with the aid of the media and social media have covered up. “The government mandated vaccines for as many as they could despite it being well known that almost half the country had had previous infection, had better immunity than those who were vaccinated, posed no risk to the vaccinated and had little if anything to gain from being vaccinated. “These actions resulted in massive amounts of unnecessary illness, death, economic damage and harm to the wellbeing of Americans from not receiving the effective repurposed drugs which were available and being injured or killed by the mRNA vaccines. “Despite evidence of markedly decreasing efficacy the government continues to push more and more vaccine doses. Now that drug company therapeutics are available, repurposed drugs are still being sabotaged so that drug companies can make obscene profits on their therapeutics. The supporting data will show: 1. Government healthcare agencies sabotaged hydroxychloroquine which should have been in wide use for early COVID by June 2020 and ivermectin which should have been in use by January 2021. These drugs would have had a profound benefit on the pandemic. The drugs have no significant toxicity and there was no appreciable risk to their use. The government healthcare agencies organized a propaganda campaign against HCQ and IVM involving the media and social media, got pharmacies not to sell them and weaponized medical review boards to punish doctors who ordered them. These are FDA approved drugs being used off label which is the case for 20% of all prescriptions. The government encouraged hospitals to fight in court to prevent families from getting ivermectin for their desperately ill loved ones. For the families who won in court, their loved one usually lived. For those who lost, their loved one almost always died. Meanwhile the government paid hospitals 20% extra on the entire hospital bill to treat patients with remdesivir which at best has no mortality benefit and has slight benefit in shortening hospital stay, it has toxicity and WHO recommends against using it. We also pay hospitals more when COVID patients die. Hospitals have not done well during the pandemic but surely there were better ways to subsidize them. There was no reason to subsidize Gilead. (2) Government healthcare agencies ignored excellent data on generic fluvoxamine, known by 8/6/21 and published in Lance Global Health 10/27/21. It would have had a marked benefit on the delta variant, having shown benefit against the even worse gamma variant. The FDA never acted on an EUA filed 12/21/21. (3) NIH failed to do anything with over-the-counter famotidine (P epcid) which blocks H2 receptors on mast cells and has value in preventing cytokine storms. It and other over the counter mast cell therapies could have had profound benefits all over the world. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology was very interested in January 2021. After they contacted the coronavirus taskforce, they lost all interest. At their national meeting in February 2022, one would not know that COVID had anything to do with mast cells. Those initially involved in January 2021 were president Dr, Giselle Mosnaim and head of research Dr. Mariana Castells. Most likely there is knowledge of it by secretary-treasurer Dr. Jonathan Bernstein and head of mast cells Dr. Anne Maitland. They should all be questioned regarding government interference. (4) Other promising therapies like generic spironolactone and branded antiandrogen proxalutamide, which lowered admissions 91% and shortened illness from 21.8 to 4.2 days, have been ignored. (5) Several groups reported terrific results with combinations of drugs, but no drug combination was ever studied. No major medical institution did much of anything with combination therapy and went along with no treatment for early COVID. Some of it was rel

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