The 65 Project – Destroying Trump’s Legal Support, 3827

Bill Still

By Bill Still
April 9, 2022 To donate $10 per month to Sidney Powell: Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup. Breitbart ran a very interesting story on Thursday that exposed that a dark money group with ties to Democratic Party heavyweights will spend millions this year to expose and try to disbar more than 100 lawyers who worked on Donald Trump’s post-election lawsuits. It’s name is “The 65 Project” or “Project 65”. Why is it that the speed of investigating every one of the 5 big battleground states where election fraud is suspected during election 2020, moving so slowly? Nothing seems to happen fast, despite what many consider to be indisputable video – and other evidence – of election fraud. Well, as it turns out, Project 65, is just one of the leftist groups gumming up the works and making ready for election 2022, 2024 and beyond. According to former assistant U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell wrote to her supporters last week: “We have been sharing this information with you for over a year – from the influence of millions spent by Mark Zuckerberg, to ballots delivered in semi-trucks, to lies about voting machines being connected to the internet, to drop boxes and mail-in ballots.” “You would think the left would try to slink away quietly, embarrassed by being caught. But they are so emboldened by the fact they stole the power, they are doubling down on destroying anyone who dared challenge their authority and spoke about illegal activities surrounding the election of 2020.” It takes money – big money – to slow the wheels of justice to this degree. But the theory of the Project 65 minions of Satan is that if you can delay the outcome of practically any issue long enough, the public – and any interested news media – will eventually tire of the chase, and/or get distracted by the next shiny news item – such as the invasion of Ukraine by Vlad Putin. And that pretty much sums up what’s going on with election 2020 revelations. For her activities to keep election 2020 investigations alive, Sidney Powell is currently weighed down with $4 billion dollars worth of lawsuits filed in 4 jurisdictions. That is enough to keep even the smartest lawyer very busy defending herself. According to Powell: “Added to the lawsuits and other threats, there is now a fully-staffed and well-funded evil organization working to destroy any attorney who stands against the cabal that planned and orchestrated the coup of the presidency of the United States.” According to Jeffrey Clark, a former Assistant Attorney General at the U.S. Justice Department: “The Left has set the lines of battle: Any lawyers who worked for President Trump with verve and ingenuity, along with any lawyers he retained to mount his various 2020 election contests, must be crushed, must have their noses rubbed into the dirt, must – if possible – lose their jobs and even their right to practice law.” “Project 65’s purpose is to file bar complaints against … lawyers wherever they are licensed. It seeks to amend state bar rules, so that no lawyers with a sense of self-preservation will ever again want to bring election-related contests on behalf of President Trump, or any other populist conservative candidate.” Project 65 is led by David Brock, the founder of Media Matters for America and the super PAC American Bridge 21st Century. According to Axios, Brock’s plan is nothing less than a war of the strong against the weak: “I think the littler fish are probably more vulnerable to what we’re doing… You’re threatening their livelihoods. And you know, they’ve got reputations in their local communities.” According to Jeffrey Clark: “Give Brock points for honesty…. Not everyone has the guts to gloat about being pure evil…. Shame lawyers, plague them with hefty legal bills, and especially pick off ones who are less famous and backed by fewer resources.” And Brock is just talking about going after the lawyers. What about the even less wealthy, smaller reporters in this world? The social media titans have already devised ways to cut off their sources of income. But, the ultimate goal of Project 65 – or the 65 Project – is, according to Jeffrey Clark: “… to chill market forces: The 65 Project is focused on starving any future efforts of legal talent as well as focusing on 2020.” In other words, set up precedents now which will help legitimize election fraud projects in 2022, 24, and beyond. “Project 65 seeks to … turn politics into just another mode of all-out warfare. Attacking the dignity of the bar will be the death knell of our Anglo-American legal system and for fair, competitive politics more generally. “Project 65’s lawsuits are an assault on the principle of equal protection under the law and on the Constitution’s Petition Clause. This is a fight that patriotic America Les artikkelen direkte fra kilden