Sen Tom Cotton – Biden Opposes Strong USA !!!, 4252

Bill Still

Stillreport: I’m becoming unsure that the United States of America is going to survive the last year of the Biden residency. This last week saw Biden meet with Chinese Paramount Leader Xi Jinping in San Francisco, while one of their primary propaganda weapons of Communist China – TikTok – runs wild across America and is at least partially responsible for the surprising numbers of pro-Hamas demonstrations in major cities. Well, here’s why. In the last week of October, the TikTok algorithms allowed nearly 5 times as many pro Palestine posts as pro-Israel posts. As Maria Bartiromo put it on her show this morning: [insert Maria] Two things of interest here. Old timers in the intelligence community always preach that when you have something to say that must remain a secret, you take a walk outdoors. Have you ever before seen two world leaders walking alone through the woods? I don’t believe I have.

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