Putin Bans Obama for J6 Persecutions, 4107

Bill Still
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Stillreport: Russia is finally getting sick and tired of the Russia hoax. I’ve never heard of Russia sanctioning American citizens en masse before. The Russian Foreign Ministry has just permanently blacklisted the travel to Russia of 500 Americans – including former President Barack Hussein Obama – who are involved in any of these four areas: 1. The unlawful persecution of January 6 dissidents.
2. Those helping to provide weapons to Ukraine
3. Those responsible for creating and spreading what the Russian Foreign Ministry calls Russophobic ideas and fake stories.
4. The heads of military-industrial companies supplying weapons to what it calls the “Kiev regime”. “The Joseph Biden administration regularly imposes personal anti-Russia sanctions on Russian officials and ordinary citizens to create as much hardship for Russia as possible. In response to these sanctions, Russia is denying entry to 500 Americans. “These are not just notable people like former US President Barrack Obama but also the current heads of various levels of executive government and ex-officials like the White House curator on countering “Russian disinformation” Nina Jankowicz, “The attached list of 500 names also includes officials at government and law-enforcement agencies that are directly involved in harassing dissidents after “the storm of the Capitol.”

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