New York Times Says Give Up on God!!, 3832

Bill Still

Good Resurrection Day morning, I’m still reporting on the ultimate in truth. If there is one truth that the secular world wants us to forget about it is the universal importance of this Resurrection Day morning, where Jesus Christ proved for all time that torment and even death had no power over him because he was literally God. I try not to use the term Easter because it is just another example of diverting the secular world away from the truth that Christ died for all our sins for all time. When we come to believe in Christ the Savior, no matter what the sin, he washes us white as snow – the ultimate in fresh starts. The term Easter probably derived from the name Eostre, the mythical pagan goddess of sunrise. East is named for her. And that is why the secular world never refers to Resurrection Morning, only Easter morning with all of it’s Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs. Never before has the New York Times come out so forcefully against God, however, it did this morning on its Editorial Page. insert I’m still reporting from the citadel of world freedom, good day. Les artikkelen direkte fra kilden