Ministry of Truth To Help Biden Win U.S. Election!!, 3844!!

Bill Still

Tonight is the last night to grab a full years membership in greatest wellness shopping club of all times for one dollar. I can’t give you the name of this club, because their business model for the last 30 years has been manufacturer-direct to customers. Their reputation for the best products and returning 55% of their profits to their customers has made them slowly, steadily growing, but now, that growth can only be called explosive. So, I can’t mention the name of this club, but my friend DANA will explain it to you succinctly at 208-971-8446. This is not an MLM but you can make money at home by referring your friends. I guarantee you’ll thank me for this. Good evening, Beth and I were only slightly saddened that we were not invited to the Washington Correspondents dinner at the Hilton tonight, but consoled ourselves with peacefully planting flowers and ferns all day with our dogs, then dined on grilled Bison burgers with fresh fruit and yogurt to celebrate not having to drive within the confines of the Beltway once again. This is the last story of the month, but we saved the best for last. It’s a pretty close call trying to decide which of resident Biden’s recent policy choices is more dangerous – the invasion of millions of people across our southern border with zero accountability; or the creation of his new ministry of truth – specifically designed to strongarm Americans into NOT voting every member of the Desperado party out of office in November. Tucker did a masterful job at exposing the incredibly arrogant young lady who now heads up America’s first ever Ministry of Truth. [insert Tucker] And finally, one more time with America’s new Czarina of the Ministry of Truth. [insert] Don’t at all be confident that Congress will have the fortitude to check this young woman’s mania for power. Why? Because they are desperate. The entire fate of their coup d’etát is on the line. All the leaders of this coup will eventually be brought to trial – some possibly for treason. They have got to make this Ministry of Truth stick and be an effective deterrent to squash the truth, or the Democrat party is done for at least a generation. I’m still reporting from the citadel of world freedom. Good day.
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