Mercola: Security Expert Describes the Gift of Fear – Interview With Gavin de Becker

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Mercola video: Gavin de Becker is one of the leading security resource experts in the world. His private security firm, Gavin de Becker and Associates, protects about 70 well-known U.S. families and individuals, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who are at risk of assassination or other violence but don’t have Secret Service coverage.

In our interview, we discuss the importance of paying attention to your instincts and how to decipher between the two types of fear — true fear and unwarranted fear.

You should always follow your gut instincts or inner wisdom — your intuition — including true fear telling you to avoid certain people or situations.

Unwarranted fear is often used as an instrument of control, including in the context of COVID-19, the pandemic and COVID jabs.

Two antidotes for fear include not watching television news and embracing the principle of subsidiarity, which means living as locally as possible.

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