Mercola: Reductive Stress — The Hidden Culprit of Chronic Disease- Interview with Brad Marshall

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Mercola video: In this interview, Brad Marshall explains how reductive stress works, and why it’s so bad for your health. Understanding reductive stress is an important topic because it’s fundamental to optimizing your biology. It’s a fundamental biological principle that is not widely appreciated or even understood, as it contradicts almost everything we’ve been taught about biology.

Reductive stress has a significant yet underappreciated role in biological health, contradicting conventional biological education
Reductive stress, which results from an imbalance in the cell’s electron flow that leads to a surplus of NADH, is a primary cause of oxidative stress that leads to virtually every degenerative disease and the most common causes of death
Reductive stress leads to oxidative damage by causing a bottleneck in mitochondrial electron transport
Elevated NADH levels, a hallmark of reductive stress, alter your body fat composition by promoting the conversion of saturated fats to monounsaturated fats. This highlights the intricate relationship between diet, cellular energy balance, and fat physiology
Strategies for mitigating reductive stress and improving metabolic health include dietary adjustments to favor glucose burning, reduce fat intake, and manage blood glucose levels through selective protein and carbohydrate sources

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