Mercola: How Postural Restoration Can Help Restore Your Health – Interview with Aleena Kanner

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Mercola video: The interview features Aleena Kanner, one of the leading postural experts in the U.S. She’s a certified Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) practitioner. Your body is naturally asymmetrical. Balance is maintained through the integration of these system imbalances. When balanced integration fails, structural weaknesses and pain can develop. While walking barefoot outdoors on uneven terrain is a great way to ground, walking barefoot on hard, flat surfaces, such as tile or concrete, can cause problems, including bunions. Things like eyeglasses, LASIK surgery, dental implants and root canals can affect your sensory experience, and hence your gait and posture, which in turn can result in pain syndromes. Dental work can affect your bite, which affects your cranial and cervical posture. If teeth are pulled and not replaced with an implant, your brain may not be able to determine where your center of gravity is, causing your body to overcompensate to one side or the other. LASIK eye surgery can trigger unexpected problems. One of the main problems is that if it fixes you into a set prescription that is wrong, it can lock in dysfunction. With glasses, you’re not locked into one prescription. You can change it and get new glasses if it turns out that your symmetry was off. Subscribe for FREE to the latest health news: Website: Podcast: Facebook:

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