Kevin McCarthy Said He Would Ask Trump To Resign!!, 3839

Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Jan. 10, 2021 told GOP outcast Liz Cheney that he would tell President Trump to resign in light of the Jan. 6th fake riot at the U.S. Capitol. Then he denied he said it until a tape recording of the conversation was given to failed MSNBC talk show host, Rachel Maddow. Now I want to stress, I’m no fan of McCarthy. But in this instance, I do understand why he said that to turncoat Cheney. This revelation will no doubt sink McCarthy’s aspirations of being Speaker of the House when the Republicans win in a landslide in the November elections. On the tape McCarthy is apparently returning Liz Cheney’s phone call: Insert So here’s my take on this. I’m only moderately shocked by this tape. This as Kevin McCarthy’s style – to be friends with everyone, and that is not a horrible way to conduct yourself as Minority Leader with aspirations to being Speaker of the House. The job of these leaders is to be friends with everyone – even the super turncoat class of Rhinos like Liz Cheney and Mike Pence, the traitor.
You can hear the hesitations in McCarthy’s voice as he’s trying to think of what he’s going to say to her. You don’t hesitate like that when you are a professional talker when you are speaking from the heart. These were not hard and fast answers for him. Remember, McCarthy’s main job is to be able to arm twist the arm of that one last member to get their vote – make them vote in a way they wouldn’t normally do – in order to prevent a Desperado bill from getting passed, or a Republican bill across the finish line. That’s the job. That’s what they are put there to do – to not make any member particularly angry with him – to treat every member with respect and basically tell them what they want to hear. What did you want him to say? “Liz, you are a turncoat fool and no way is Trump resigning and I’ll fight for him to the death.” Well, that’s what I would say, but that would automatically disqualify me for the Speaker of the House role. You notice he did say that he doesn’t want Trump convicted upon impeachment because that way, he could never return to office. He wouldn’t have chosen those words if he wanted Trump gone forever. Those were not words that Liz Cheney liked hearing him say. I will say this for McCarthy; about a month ago he came out on Tucker’s show and ticked off the various investigations he would implement in the House if he were speaker, and I couldn’t have drawn up a more comprehensive or hard hitting list. Was that McCarthy playing to the Tucker audience? Sure, but still, it was the right thing to do. Even though Cheney has completely gone over to the dark side, just remember that everything she has ever done against the cause of freedom pales in comparison to the deeds of just one man – one man who still boldly aspires to be President – thinks that he will EVER have any kind of a shot at the presidency. That man is Mike Pence who will forever be known as the traitor. I’m still reporting from the citadel of world freedom. Good day.
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