It is Well With My Soul?, 4169

Bill Still

Stillreport: I just stumbled on this tonight. It was almost lost forever. The date was March 26, 2020. COVID was only two months old. The nation had been flooded in January by incoming Chinese, probably sent to the U.S. to spread COVID to the greatest possible extent before the nation could ban travel from China. There were no vaccines, only guesses and hunches as to possible treatments. Many of us thought that it was possible that we were all going to die. I don’t remember exactly when masks and social distancing came in, but I don’t think it was until a bit later. But Christians came on strong in the United States, and this is one of the greatest examples of it. I’ll now send you back in time to Still Report # 2998 to bath in one of the most beautifully arranged Christian hymns in all history. If memory serves, YouTube took this down right away, possibly on the basis of a copyright violation. Unfortunately, I don’t have the original link, but if it still exists and someone sends it to me at I will post it in the description box below. Why replay this now? Because this is coming again, probably lab made to be more deadly this time. Let’s all remember what brought most of us through this troubled period nearly 3 and one half years ago and most of all, don’t ever let them lock down churches ever, ever again.

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