Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- Interview with Dr. Jason Sonners

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Dr. Jason Sonners, author of the book, “Oxygen Under Pressure: Using Hyperbaric Oxygen to Restore Health, Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Aging and Revolutionize Health Care,” started out as a chiropractor. His passion, however, is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which is the focus of his Ph.D. studies at the University of Miami. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is indicated for at least 100 different conditions, but only 14 are approved indications by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which most insurance companies use for reimbursement. HBOT boosts mitochondrial function, decreases systemic inflammation and helps cells generate the required amounts of energy for optimal function. It also stimulates stem cell responses, growth factors, collagen responses and angiogenic responses. The main benefits of HBOT are achieved through the cumulative effect and the increasing and decreasing — the wave of hyper-oxygenation back to normal oxygen levels, creating a hyperoxia-hypoxia type paradox. Conditions that can benefit from HBOT include tissue wounds, stroke, TBI, heart attack, post ischemic reperfusion injury, neurodegenerative conditions and autoimmune diseases. Hyperbaric can also rebalance the immune system and help fight infection, and can be added to longevity and regeneration therapies. Subscribe for the latest health news: http://bit.ly/2CEBM8j Visit our website: http://bit.ly/2KhnpuS Listen to our podcasts: http://bit.ly/34XeLcW Find us on Social Media
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