Genetic Testing for SNPs- Interview with Bob Miller

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2019 Interview Functional genomics is a gene testing modality with enormous value that many are completely unaware of. Bob Miller is a traditional naturopath specializing in genetic-specific nutrition. He’s the founder of the NutriGenetic Research Institute, devoted to testing and helping people understand the results of their functional genetic testing and how to apply it to improve their health. Functional genetics looks at the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, pronounced “snips”) of genes.
When you have SNPs (genetic variants or defects on the genes), enzymes may not be working effectively, or the gene may be upregulated or downregulated.
While traditional genetics often looks for potential disease states, functional genetics looks for potential impairment of function and helps find the best nutritional intervention to bring your body back into balance.
People with genetic weaknesses that hampers detoxification who are exposed to high amounts of environmental toxins can be struggling with health due to their limited ability to detoxify.
NutriGenetic Research Institute is devoted to functional genomic testing, and training health professionals to help people understand the results, and how to apply it to improve their health. Subscribe for the latest health news: Visit our website: Listen to our podcasts: Find us on Social Media
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