Gen. Jack Keane – Ukraine Can Beat Russia!??, 4013

Bill Still

Stillreport: The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been a contentious issue for years, with no clear end in sight. However, yesterday, an interview with 4-star General Jack Keane by Shannon Bream on Fox has shed light on a surprising assessment of the chances of Ukraine defeating Russia. While some may be skeptical of the general’s opinion, his reputation as a respected military expert and strategist carries a lot of weight. One of the concerns raised in the discussion is the fact that Ukraine is running out of people, with reports suggesting that Russia may send 200,000 to 300,000 soldiers for a spring offensive. This is a worrying sign, as it could result in Ukraine being wiped off the map. However, General Keane believes that Ukraine has the capability to fight back and defeat Russia, if military support is from the U.S. is consistently supplied.

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