FDA Continues To Lie About COVID Boosters, 3834

Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the COVID aspect of the coup and how that relates to Chinese ambitions over American farmland. According to a Wall Street Journal article and Dr. Marty Makary, a FOX News Medical contributor, the FDA is still using slight of hand and misdirection in order to help big Pharma sell more COVID vaxxes. Insert Let me reiterate that. For this COVID booster, which is being recommended to everyone in the United States, it has been proven to be of benefit to only one in 42,000 seniors. Insert In other words, keeping the American public in fear of COVID is what the Obama/Biden administration wants to do. Why? Because #1, it keeps billions of dollars flowing into the coffers of big pharma, as well as the entrenched medical agencies of the government. But, #2, keeping us in fear of COVID keeps the door open to more edicts from the resident-in-chief to deliberately damage the American economy further, as well as some possible emergency actions right before the upcoming election in November. Insert from: “… the FDA’s not even honest….” To “… won’t work with this strain.” China’s problems are far more massive than the media has let us know about. China is facing a massive food shortage. They have to reduce their population and its food intake in some way. That’s why they are locking down their largest city which just happens to be THE most industrialized and pro-American city, Shanghai. The result – 25 million people have been put on forced starvation. If half of them don’t survive, the communist government doesn’t care. That’s why China is buying up all the American farmland it can – to try to feed their own people a few years down the line. But if Republicans win in Congress this year, and especially if they return Trump to office in 2024, Trump will put the brakes to China taking over American farmland, and so China’s economy will go into freefall. Insert from: “… Well, the hospitals are…” I’m still reporting from the citadel of world freedom, good day. Les artikkelen direkte fra kilden