Every Action Biden Takes Weakens The U.S. , 4007

Bill Still

Stillreport: Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup. Two more unidentifiable “objects” were shot down , one yesterday, and another on Friday, over Canada and Alaska. Although Democrat icon of honesty, Chuck Schumer, was the first to insist the new objects were merely balloons, all previous reports were that they were cylindrical objects the size of a small car. According to one Air Force pilot on the scene: “I don’t know how that thing is flying.” This comes after the Chinese spy balloon was allowed to slowly make its way across the U.S. for nearly one week before it was shot down once its mission surveilling the nation was complete. Former Director of Nat. Intel, John Ratcliff, appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show last week describing some of the possible payloads of such a spyship – or aerial warship. Insert Here is a 2018 photo of three hypersonic missiles beneath a Chinese balloon. They could just as easily be nuclear EMP weapons.

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