Electromagnetic Field Exposure- Interview with Dr. Martha Herbert and Peter Sullivan

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2018 Interview This past November I had the opportunity to interview two experts on autism and dirty electricity, Peter Sullivan and Dr. Martha Herbert, who co-wrote “The Autism Revolution,” at the annual Academy for Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine (ACIM) convention in Orlando, Florida. Here, we discuss some of the toxic factors that contribute to the development of autism, especially the role of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and dirty electricity. Autism needs to be approached as a system; systems biology looks at everything in biology as a web where everything is connected. When you tug at one part of the web, the rest of the web changes.
Dr. Martha Herbert believes autism develops in response to environmental factors that irritate and excite the brain, such as toxic exposures, allergens and electromagnetic fields.
Autism can be predicted by looking at the level of brain irritability in the child. Mercury, EMF, glyphosate, vaccine adjuvants and processed foods are all contributing factors. The neural network disturbance found in the brain of autistic children has been shown to be proportional to the amount of mitochondrial dysfunction they have; in other words, autism is an outgrowth of mitochondrial stress and dysfunction.
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