Easter Bunny Pushes Biden Away From Kids, 3836

Bill Still

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With each public outing, it becomes more obvious that China Joe, who will be 80 soon, is not aging well. Whether it’s talking about when his wife was vice resident, calling Kamala Harris president or slurring phrases so badly that nobody can figure out what it was the resident of the United States was trying to say, even the mainstream media – which operates as a liberal wing of the Democratic Party – is having difficulty ignoring it. The fact that George Bush the younger incorrectly pronounced “nuclear” was a big story according to the mainstream media. The fact that Biden now has to have an Easter Bunny minder to be sure that he doesn’t spill any state secrets to children doesn’t make the MSM news these days. Fortunately, there is cell phone video of this happening at the White House Easter Egg roll yesterday. Insert And here is another view where you can hear Biden muttering about Afghanistan to the children just before the Easter Bunny – better known as the White House director of message planning, Meghan Hays, jumps in and pushes Biden away from the crowd. Insert And another: insert And then after it was all over, Megan Hays reveals that she really was the easter bunny. Insert photo If even the Easter Bunny can’t trust Biden around children, Biden certainly has to go. His mental deterioration is not going to improve, and they can only prop him up so long. Biden probably would already be gone except nobody – not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not anybody – wants Vice resident Kamala Harris in the White House, so they are stuck with China Joe until they can solve the Harris problem. Actually, the Democrats had what appeared to be the perfect opportunity to solve the Harris problem but let it slip past. Biden could have appointed Harris to the Supreme Court. It’s a lifetime appointment to a real job making real decisions, unlike the office of the vice president, who has a four-year term of going to funerals and traveling around the world, and in the case of Harris, making huge gaffs wherever she goes. It may be that Harris wouldn’t take the job because right now she is in line to be president if anything happens to Uncle Joe, and he’s not looking too good. Or it may have been that the Democrats knew they could never get Harris confirmed by the Democratic senators who used to be her colleagues. They didn’t have a single vote to lose and certainly Harris was not popular in the Senate. According to the latest polls, she is even more unpopular than Biden with the American people, and that’s with Biden’s latest approval number hitting a historic low of 33%. The Republicans were caught with the same problem with Richard Nixon after Watergate in the 1972 election. The fact that Nixon even won that election in a landslide of historic proportions was not enough to save him, and the Republicans realized they had to get him out of office or they would all go down with the ship. The problem was Vice President Spiro Agnew was next in line. The solution was to bring a bunch of charges against Agnew, which went away after he agreed to resign and pled guilty to one charge of tax fraud. The Republicans then moved Congressman Gerald Ford, who was a likable guy, into the vice president’s office, Nixon resigned, and the likable guy became president.
The Republicans still lost the 1976 presidential election to Jimmy Carter, which the Democrats might want to consider. But if you’re looking at tea leaves, if for some reason Harris resigns you can bet that Uncle Joe won’t be far behind. A lot of how this plays out probably depends on the midterm elections in November. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich now predicts that Republicans could pick up more than 60 seats in the House. A loss of that historic magnitude would force the Democrats into action, and the Republic trembles as it considers to what lengths the Desperados may go to change the subject.
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