Dr. Mercola and Joel Salatin Discuss Chickens at Polyface Farm

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Mercola video: “Egg Crackdown,” a CBC Marketplace report, investigates the marketing of supermarket eggs and visits egg producers to get a firsthand look at what the company’s label actually means. Health conscious consumers know to look for designations like “organic,” “free-range,” “pastured” and “cage-free,” but while you may think many of these are interchangeable, they’re actually not. While organic poultry and eggs are guaranteed to be free-range, as required by organic standards, free-range poultry are not required to be organic. The organic label is the only way to ensure you’re getting eggs from chickens that have not been fed antibiotics for growth purposes, as this is not allowed under the organic standards. Overall, the cage-free and free-range labels say little to nothing about the conditions in which the chickens are raised. For the best quality eggs, from the most humanely-raised hens, the label you’re looking for is “organic” and “pastured”. Article: https://bit.ly/39C0gTy Subscribe for the latest health news: http://bit.ly/2CEBM8j Visit our website: http://bit.ly/2KhnpuS Listen to our podcasts: http://bit.ly/34XeLcW Find us on Social Media
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