Did the Bidens Sell TOPSECRET Docs to China ???, 4031

Bill Still

Stillreport: This morning on Sunday Morning Futures, Maria Bartiromo interviewed James Comer, the House Oversight Chairman. Comer revealed that his committee has garnered the cooperation of four people who have close ties to the Bidens and are able to provide actual documents proving that the close ties between the Bidens and the Chinese communist party are not the stuff of conspiracy theories; they may actually prove some sort of illegal activity. According to Comer, the evidence they have gathered is as bad as they had anticipated, as they now have bank records and other documents showing the unusual ways that the Bidens were receiving money from the Chinese Communist Party. This development could be a turning point in, not just this case, but in American history, as it appears that the Biden family’s illicit activities are about to be conclusively exposed for the world to see.

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