Detoxification- Interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

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2018 Interview Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is well known for his successful treatment of neurological illness and Lyme disease with integrative medicine. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Klinghardt has practiced medicine in the U.S. for over 35 years. In Switzerland, he was part of a group that instigated a change in the constitution, making alternative medicine a constitutional right of all citizens. That includes homeopathy, neurotherapy, acupuncture and all other hands-on healing techniques. Ten years ago, the average German had 20 toxins over the threshold of detection in their blood. Today, the average is over 500 — an indication suggesting detoxification is a necessity for everyone.
When your body is contaminated with manmade toxins, your body tends to compartmentalize them. Eventually, those compartments reach a certain threshold of toxicity, at which point your immune system can no longer control the microbial growth in that area, resulting in chronic infection.
Two major water-soluble toxins are the vaccine preservative thimerosal (mercury) and the herbicide glyphosate, which tend to be sequestered in areas such as the kidneys, lungs and bones.
Examples of fat-soluble toxins are benzene derivatives, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. They like to settle in the fatty tissue, which makes them potent neurotoxins, since your brain is composed primarily of fat.
Water- and fat-soluble toxins require differing methods of detoxification. Strategies are included for the detoxification of glyphosate, aluminum, fat-soluble toxins and parasites that accumulate and store toxins. Subscribe for the latest health news: Visit our website: Listen to our podcasts: Find us on Social Media
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