Clinton Approved Trump-Russian Bank Fake News, 3856

Bill Still

Stillreport: 3856, Clinton Approved Trump-Russian Bank Fake News, 3856
By Bill Still May 20, 2022 Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup Big news breaking this afternoon. Hillary Clinton personally approved sending out the fake news report that Donald Trump’s servers were directly connected to a Russian bank. This news coming from testimony from the former head of the Clinton campaign, Robbie Mook, in the ongoing trial of Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussman by top federal prosecutor John Durham. [insert] So, they may not be able to convict Michael Sussman, the Clinton dirty tricks attorney who carried the bogus info to the FBI and eventually convinced Peter Strzok and Director James Comey to try to convince the world that Trump was guilty of Russian collusion, however, this puts incredible pressure on Strzok, Comey and his deputy, Andy McCabe to finger Hillary Clinton. And guess what, those potential trials will likely be held in Virginia, not the District of Communism. I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.

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