China Sends Missiles to Putin’s Ally – Serbia!! 3831

Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the war for Europe. It looks like the battle over Ukraine is not coming to an end – this may just be the beginning. Yesterday, China flew 6 of it’s Y-20 heavy cargo planes across NATO airspace to deliver several FK-3 surface-to-air batteries into Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade, Serbia. Serbia is seen as a “key ally” of Putin. It is not clear whether this delivery is seen as support for Putin’s territorial ambitions in Europe, or actual Chinese competition for a foothold in Europe as NATO seems powerless to stop it. NATO had previously threatened that they would not allow Chinese weapons to cross through the airspace of its member nations. However, the Chinese heavy lifters did so with impunity yesterday. They were clearly ready for surface-to-air missiles aimed at their planes. As the Epoch Times report put it: “Open-source intelligence analysts also noted that at least some of the aircraft had removed the coverings for their flare and chaff countermeasures—defensive systems to help evade missile attacks—possibly signaling that the Chinese aircraft either anticipated meeting some resistance or wanted to be seen as anticipating resistance.” Serbia – the former Yugoslavia – has been buying an expanding arsenal of Chinese and Russian weaponry, perhaps as a prelude to their own territorial ambitions now that it has been established that NATO is a toothless teddy bear against a determined barbarian like Putin. Trump would have prevented this onslaught of barbarity in Europe – more of which is likely in coming days. Biden isn’t just a weakling – he is actually just pretending to be doing something to stop the war, but made key moves to allow it to get started in the first place. The Chinese are in total control of the resident in chief. What’s in it for China It distracts the media from their deliberate starvation of the most western-oriented and world’s largest city – Shanghai. I’m still reporting from the citadel of world freedom, good day. Les artikkelen direkte fra kilden