China Prepares for War With U.S. !!!, 4030

Bill Still

Stillreport: Good morning, I’m Still reporting on the coup. China is preparing for war with the U.S. and, according to a top China expert, Bradley Thayer, the Chinese spy balloon was a direct threat to all Americans that the American homeland will be subjected to attack should U.S. politicians not submit to Chinese demands. This stunning warning was published on Thursday in The Epoch Times on Thursday in an exclusive interview with Thayer, who is the director of China policy at the Center for Security Policy, and co-author of the book, Understanding the China Threat. “[Chairman] Xi is attempting to prepare the Chinese people for that period of great sacrifice, which might be a sustained conventional war against the United States and its allies, or even a nuclear conflict….” According to Thayer, the Chinese spy balloon that sailed unimpeded over the United States in late January and was finally shot down on Feb. 4, was not only an intelligence gathering success, but had an important component of psychological operations because of the basic threat to the homeland it embedded deep in the minds of every American. “The balloon, to my mind, was a signal: It was not just an intelligence collection operation, but it was a signal that the Chinese Communist Party is not going to leave the American homeland alone.” “If war comes, they’re going to target the United States, in the United States—the American people themselves.”

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