China Eyes Ukraine’s Fields of Grain!!!, 4014

Bill Still

Stillreport: Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup. So, Beth came up with a good question this last night: Since Biden equals China, why is he pouring money into Ukraine to beat back Russia and their newbie ally, China Combine Beth’s question with this comment to my last report, #4014: “… the fact remains that the US wants this war, does not what any peace. killing thousands of people just for the NWO.” The U.S. doesn’t want it – Biden wants it!!! The United States is NOT Joe Biden. If the U.S. can get past this coup d’état, and that’s a coin flip at this point, history will see him as the usurper. Russia is being nice to China now because they desperately need another decade to build up its infrastructure, now that they are making tons of money on their gas and oil exports. That’s another reason Biden took out the NordStream 2 pipeline. China and Russia share a 2700-mile border. Eventually, as Russia gets stronger, they will have to deal with its own conflict with China, and therefore Russia must return to its historic position as a U.S. ally – yes ALLY – if it wants to maintain its sovereignty. A little-known piece of naval history is that during the American Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln was trying to secure loans to pursue the war, Russia came to the aid of Lincoln by parking its Baltic fleet in San Francisco and New York City.

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