Another Clinton Buddy Dies Execution Style!!, 3862

Bill Still

Stillreport: Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the Clintons. Looks like those wrascally Clintons have lost another long-time friend and fellow Lolita Express traveler. Mark Middleton, Bill Clinton’s special advisor during his presidency has mysteriously died near their mutual hometown of Little Rock. Middleton’s sudden death occurred on Saturday, May 11 at the tender age of 59. Middleton’s family put out a statement on Facedook: “The Middleton family has lost an inspiring and dedicated leader, as well as a son, brother, husband, and father. Mark leaves behind a company that he helped build from the ground up alongside his family and was proud to run for the last 25 years.” Arkansas Business reported: “Middleton’s fundraising skills helped land him a job in the White House. He was finance director for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, and later special assistant to Clinton under chief of staff Thomas “Mack” McLarty.” However, there was a darker side to Mr. Middleton. According to the Gateway Pundit on May 11th: “Middleton … connected the former president to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Middleton admitted Epstein to the Clinton White House on seven of the at least 17 times the late pedophile visited.” As of May 11th, the cause of Mr. Middleton’s death was not disclosed. However, in a story published yesterday at 3 pm, the Gateway Pundit put up new information on the death. During the ensuing period, Middleton’s death had been listed as a suicide – like so many others connected to the Clintons. However, Radar Online filed a Freedom of Information request with the Perry County Sheriff’s Department, where the death occurred, seeking details of the suicide. And here they are. Middleton was found on May 7th hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast thru his chest and an extension cord tied around his neck on an 1100-acre farm linked to the former President just outside Perryville, Arkansas. According to Sheriff Scott Montgomery: “At this time this is an open investigation, and we are not releasing any information.” I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.

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