4036, Trump Celebrates Jackson’s 256th Birthday, 4036

Bill Still

Stillreport: Good morning, I’m Still reporting on ¬¬Trump. On Wednesday, President Trump flew into Nashville to speak at the Hermitage, the home of President Andrew Jackson, to celebrate Jackson’s 256th birthday. Trump reveres Jackson, but once again, he will need the support of big bankers to regain the Presidency, so there is only so much he can say about Jackson’s biggest fight during his presidency. That’s ok, because by lauding Jackson as perhaps America’s second most important president after George Washington, Trump continues to cement Jackson into the minds of the modern-day audience. I’ll tell the full story of Jackson’s historic struggle with the bank in the following report – #4037 – because to attach it to this report would make it too long because sadly, statistical analysis shows that most people only watch the first 60% of these reports. Now Trump.

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